Kabobs…for Dessert

Who doesn’t like kabobs. They are the perfect mix of various foods that could easily complete a meal. After a day of working the front desk at work I was introduced to a new idea…dessert kabobs. I had never eaten or even heard of such a thing, but it sounded like fun to me. So over my winter break I set out to try my hand at dessert kabobs.

I thought that oreo truffles, brownies, cake balls, chocolate covered strawberries and rice krispies would make a nice well rounded kabob. Well strawberries are out of season and therefore were taken off the menu. Next I decided to skip on the rice krispies as well (next time I will definitely include them). I also thought that I should make some chocolate chip cookies while I was baking, because well why not, they are one of my favorites.

The Fixings

The making of the various desserts went well and I started to assemble…not as easy as I had expected. I decided that I didn’t need five million cake balls so I left half of the cake and decided to add cake chunks to the kabobs. I started assembling and realized that I needed to have a somewhat solid piece at both ends, which lead to adding cookie halfs to the kabobs. Another slight issue was that the brownies were very crumbly (perfect to eat not perfect to stay on a stick) and kept falling off the stick if not added just right.

Final product (minus the cake balls)

However after some careful assembly the kabobs were finished and everyone at work was quite excited to try them. They definitely would not win a prize for looks but they were delicious to eat and unique; so I am satisfied.