Red Velvet Birthday Celebration

After having a hankering to bake for the last two weeks or so I finally got the opportunity…my best friend’s birthday celebration. I wanted to make something fun and exciting. I knew she was quite the fan of red velvet (mainly due to her unconditional love for cream cheese frosting) and I have always been a bit curious what exactly is Red Velvet? This question has puzzled me for several years now and finally I got the genius idea to use the powers of modern day technology to find the answer. After discovering the secret to red velvet I set out to make some rather large cupcakes.

After reading several recipes I settled on this one. The recipe turned out fabulous…just a little redder then I had imagine…but hey red is a wonderful color. I did not feel like going out and buying buttermilk and had previously heard about making your own buttermilk, this worked wonderfully.

I decided while I was at it I should go ahead and make rich cream cheese frosting as well. This frosting was much cream cheesier then I care for but for the cream cheese lovers this is ideal, and the extra was perfect for dipping strawberries. I put my cake decorating bottles to work and frosted the cupcakes with swirls and dollops to make them fancier. These were definitely a hit. Everyone loved them, especially the birthday girl.

Cupcake Bliss


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