As a child my Grandma’s neighbor had a very productive apricot tree, and we were always welcome to take as many aprictos as we wanted. I took full advantage of this and had many apricot filled summers. Sadly the neighbor had to cut down his tree and apricots no longer make up my summer diet.

However a few months ago I tried some dried apricots and was instantly hooked. These were soft, chewy and downright delicious. I had stuck to Sun-Maid Apricots and was completely satisfied with them. Well I have been out of these succulent dried apricots for a few weeks so I decided I would pick some up while at Trader Joe’s today…and boy am I glad I did. After the first bite I realized I had truly been missing out. The Trader Joe’s ones are significantly better then the Sun-Maid. So much better that I felt the need to write it down for the world to see.

Fun Fact: Try keeping these in the fridge for a slightly firmer cool snack.

Inferior Apricots

Superior Apricots