Summer on the Horizon

Books on Books!

Well it’s finals week and so inevitably I am having crazy urges to do anything, anything but study. But low and behold I need to study. Luckily I got to return my books from my research paper this morning…and man was that a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders. Literally…look at this stack of books I accumulated over the quarter.

With summer right around the corner I can’t help but think of all the fun things I want to do. Although as much as I like to think of summer as being three months of free time and beach adventures…my summers are never actually like that. This summer I am taking an MCAT class, and working two jobs. Needless to say I won’t have hours and hours of free time.

However I do have a list of crafts which I hope to conquer this summer.

1. Glitter Heels

I have the glitter, I have the mod podge, now I just need to know where my favorite black heels are hiding. Any ideas?

2. Hula Hoop Chandelier

This is going to make my room next year look amazing!(super excited :O)

3. Ottoman

I have the odd desire to be handy with wood. This will be my first
go at it. I plan on making mine square rather then round; and it should at
least partially solve my shoe storage dilemma.

4. Finish up my bath towels.
This is a project I started last summer with my roommate. I definitely need to finish them so we have more than one towel decorating our bathroom.

5. Bowling Shoe Redo
I have recently acquired a pair of bowling shoes, and I can’t wait to
personalize them. I am thinking some glitter and neon paint is in my
future. 😉

7. Decorate my Own mugs

So this is a super easy project. One of my friends just made some personalized plates as a gift, they turned out wonderful and I am eager to make my own.

6. And maybe add some color to my hair!

There are also some sure to be yummy foods that I would like to make.

1. Girl Scout Samoas Copycat Cookies
2. My Dad’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce
3. Egg Rolls/Veggie Spring Rolls (and anything using rice paper or wonton wrappers)
4. Sangria
5. P.F. Chang’s Copycat Lettuce Wraps
6. Sirracha Salt
7. Chocolate Dipped Jalapenos (my bookmark for this seems to have gone missing, but I think I can wing it)

These are just a few of my ever growing “I should Try This Recipe” list, which is good because believe it or not, I eat everyday.


On a Roll

That would be the most delicious pancake ever.

This pancake was beyond fabulous, but really would you expect anything less from a pancake crossed with a cinnamon roll. Needless to say the pancakes were devoured quickly and left us with quite the sugar high. I didn’t really use a recipe. I just kinda went with it after seeing a picture of cinnamon roll looking pancakes on pinterest.

But here’s the jist of it:

Batter: just your standard “just add water” mix

Cinnamon Swirl: melted butter, brown sugar, and LOTS of cinnamon (mess with proportions until you get an easily pourable mixture)

Cream Cheese Drizzle: cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla (a little vanilla goes a long way, you probably don’t need the butter just the cream cheese, I made mine just thin enough to drizzle)

Next time I’m thinking this would be good served as dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! Mmmm…

Jumping on the Band Wagon

Whelp…I did it. I jumped on the Crayon Art Bandwagon. It seems everyone is trying some form of melted crayon art. I have done my fair share of crayon art blog reading trying to decide just how I wanted to do it.

Originally I was thinking something like this.

Then I thought maybe I could get creative using pressed leaves or flowers and melting the crayon around the flower…and I am still thinking I can make something like this work. But it was two days before mother’s day, I still needed to make Relay Hats and my math homework was not quite finished. My roommate and I decided to modify this technique and make some spotted crayon art for Mother’s day.

Our Classy Set Up

On my way to a masterpiece.

At first we thought the crayons were never going to melt, but they did, it just took some patience. I highly recommend an enclosed area like we had, the crayon splashes everywhere! (unless you want colorful carpets)

Helpful Hint: The melted crayon will get everywhere. The best way to get it off hard surfaced to to heat it with a blow dryer until it melts again then quickly wipe it off.

The Finished Product

Apples on Apples

What a shame…I was going through pictures and I realized I had totally neglected my wonderful apple pancakes.

I love apples (hence apple nachos, apples in cookie dough dip, and the apple I eat almost every day). I have now found an ideal way to incorporate apples into my favorite breakfast…pancakes. Sure you can dice apples and put them in pancakes, or you can have apple cinnamon oatmeal, or you can just have an apple for breakfast. But this right here takes apples for breakfast to a whole new level.

The Perfect Hybrid

If you haven’t already guessed this made a wonderful breakfast, and I savored every last bite of it. I topped mine with regular maple syrup but I am certain the apple cider syrup would also be tasty. I was so delighted by these that I began brainstorming other things you could toss in pancake batter and cook…breakfast is about to get interesting.

Helpful Hint: The thinner the apple slices the more the apples cook and the more they get that nice sweet apple pie taste.

Trying New Things

Today’s the day. I have really been wanting to try roasted chickpeas and today I did. My roommates were gone and I was feeling a bit daring so I decided to cook something new. I followed this recipe.

Now I love hummus, I love these chocolate chip blondies. I love this cinnamon roll pie, but I just don’t like plain chickpeas. So making these roasted chickpeas was toss up. Either they would be delicious like the previously mentioned goods, or they might just send chills down my back like that one time I put plain chickpeas on my salad.

End Result: They were crunchy. They had good flavor. I did not like them

Why didn’t I like them? I am a texture person, and the inside of these roasted chickpeas had a hint of that grainy texture of uncooked chickpeas. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a THOUSAND times better then plain chickpeas, but I just couldn’t do it.

Conclusion: These are flavorful, easy to make and I am sure they would be loved by any person who doesn’t mind the chickpea texture…but that person is just not me.

At least they looked pretty.

My second experiment of the night was more successful. I made spinach chips! These were absolutely delicious. Eveyone should go out and make them. Most of them were crispy, and those that weren’t were still tasty. I used this recipe, but made a few adjustments for convenience’s sake.

Here’s what I did:
1. Toss spinach leaves in olive oil
2. Spread spinach on wax paper lined cookie sheet
3. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper
4. Bake: I put mine into the oven while my oven was preheating for the chickpeas, so it was set at 400, but was not up to 400 yet. It took about 8 minutes for them to get crunchy.
5. Enjoy

These were truly delicious. As in I probably could have eaten 3 or 4 times as much as I made. So wonderful that I didn’t take any pictures because I couldn’t tear myself away from them. So wonderful that I’ll probably make some more tomorrow.

Relay For Life

A few weekends ago our school held their Relay for Life event. Two of my roommates were part of the Relay committee, so I joined their team, S.W.A.T (students with a target), and wanted to help. So I made us team hats.

Initially I wanted to make T-shirts, but Kmart was out of black v-necks so we went with white hats.

Here’s what you need:

~Hats (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
~Letter Stencils
~Fabric Paint
~Medium Bristled Paintbrush
~(a steady hand wouldn’t hurt either)

Now I was satisfied with the outcome and we looked super cute with our hats, however there was definitely room for improvement.

Things I Learned While Stenciling:

1. Bristles>Sponges I started with a sponge brush…Bad call. This resulted in the paint soaking under the stencil and the letters smearing a bit. I quickly switched to a bristled brush and this was much better.

2. Hats are Round. Due to the shape of hats it was difficult to get a solid surface and therefore it was easy for the stencil to move and the paint to move where it shouldn’t be. I resulted using my knee inside the hat to get a semi-hard surface. This worked much better then trying to stencil the hat while my roommate wore it.

3. I am not the world’s greatest stencil-er. The paint kept getting under the stencil. My hands were covered in paint. But all in all the hats were a success and no one cared that they weren’t perfect.

Rockin’ Our Hats

Needless to say the hats were cute. Relay was fun (and exhausting). I can’t wait for Relay next year. My roommates have already picked our team theme, and I have been brainstorming up lots of cool things to make next year’s campsite rock. 🙂