Apples on Apples

What a shame…I was going through pictures and I realized I had totally neglected my wonderful apple pancakes.

I love apples (hence apple nachos, apples in cookie dough dip, and the apple I eat almost every day). I have now found an ideal way to incorporate apples into my favorite breakfast…pancakes. Sure you can dice apples and put them in pancakes, or you can have apple cinnamon oatmeal, or you can just have an apple for breakfast. But this right here takes apples for breakfast to a whole new level.

The Perfect Hybrid

If you haven’t already guessed this made a wonderful breakfast, and I savored every last bite of it. I topped mine with regular maple syrup but I am certain the apple cider syrup would also be tasty. I was so delighted by these that I began brainstorming other things you could toss in pancake batter and cook…breakfast is about to get interesting.

Helpful Hint: The thinner the apple slices the more the apples cook and the more they get that nice sweet apple pie taste.


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