Relay For Life

A few weekends ago our school held their Relay for Life event. Two of my roommates were part of the Relay committee, so I joined their team, S.W.A.T (students with a target), and wanted to help. So I made us team hats.

Initially I wanted to make T-shirts, but Kmart was out of black v-necks so we went with white hats.

Here’s what you need:

~Hats (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
~Letter Stencils
~Fabric Paint
~Medium Bristled Paintbrush
~(a steady hand wouldn’t hurt either)

Now I was satisfied with the outcome and we looked super cute with our hats, however there was definitely room for improvement.

Things I Learned While Stenciling:

1. Bristles>Sponges I started with a sponge brush…Bad call. This resulted in the paint soaking under the stencil and the letters smearing a bit. I quickly switched to a bristled brush and this was much better.

2. Hats are Round. Due to the shape of hats it was difficult to get a solid surface and therefore it was easy for the stencil to move and the paint to move where it shouldn’t be. I resulted using my knee inside the hat to get a semi-hard surface. This worked much better then trying to stencil the hat while my roommate wore it.

3. I am not the world’s greatest stencil-er. The paint kept getting under the stencil. My hands were covered in paint. But all in all the hats were a success and no one cared that they weren’t perfect.

Rockin’ Our Hats

Needless to say the hats were cute. Relay was fun (and exhausting). I can’t wait for Relay next year. My roommates have already picked our team theme, and I have been brainstorming up lots of cool things to make next year’s campsite rock. 🙂


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