Jumping on the Band Wagon

Whelp…I did it. I jumped on the Crayon Art Bandwagon. It seems everyone is trying some form of melted crayon art. I have done my fair share of crayon art blog reading trying to decide just how I wanted to do it.

Originally I was thinking something like this.

Then I thought maybe I could get creative using pressed leaves or flowers and melting the crayon around the flower…and I am still thinking I can make something like this work. But it was two days before mother’s day, I still needed to make Relay Hats and my math homework was not quite finished. My roommate and I decided to modify this technique and make some spotted crayon art for Mother’s day.

Our Classy Set Up

On my way to a masterpiece.

At first we thought the crayons were never going to melt, but they did, it just took some patience. I highly recommend an enclosed area like we had, the crayon splashes everywhere! (unless you want colorful carpets)

Helpful Hint: The melted crayon will get everywhere. The best way to get it off hard surfaced to to heat it with a blow dryer until it melts again then quickly wipe it off.

The Finished Product


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