What is a PB&J-adilla you might ask…well let me tell you. It is simply a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly in it and grilled like a quesadilla. Let me also tell you it is wonderfully fabulous and everyone should try one for lunch (or dinner or breakfast) one of these days.

This is one of my new favorite lunches, the oozy warm peanut butter and sweet jelly…I don’t know why I didn’t think of making one sooner. Today I also added banana…which was a wonderful decision.


4th of July

Although I had to miss my Aunt’s annual 3rd of July party, this was one of the best 4th of July’s I’ve had. I started my day off by painting my nails red white and blue! Then I went about painting some festive shorts
and making some scrumptious desserts for a BBQ with friends. After our BBQ we went down the beach to enjoy live music and one of the best firework shows I have ever seen. I am not kidding you these fireworks were fabulous. They had music playing during the show that related to America or fireworks (ie Katy Perry’s Firework), and we were so close to the fireworks that you could feel them bursting in your chest…it was phenomenal.

Now the pictures of my nails were horrible but lets just say they were cute. (I received a lot of complements to back this fact up.) Each nail was red white and blue striped. And my toes were alternating solid red and blue.

The Shorts on the other hand I not only remembered to take pictures of but the pictures are also blog-worthy…unlike my fingernails.

Stars and Stripes

The Back

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The Truth of My Summer

I knew that my summer was going to be busy, but I for some reason thought I would be able to find an afternoon or two each week to work on some random craft…clearly that hasn’t been the case. I did however find time to do some shopping, hang out with family and friends and unpack most of my boxes, and well I guess those are a bit more important.

Last weekend however I was able to make these beautiful wine glasses for my friends 21st bday. I had originally planned to just make them all gold or silver because that is the color glitter I had. However I was lucky enough to be visiting my sister. She has every craft supply you could possibly imagine and therefore I had like 15 colors of glitter to choose from.



This was a super easy project and didn’t take long at all (as long as you don’t count drying time).
Helpful Hing: Use a thick layer of mod-podge. This allows for more glitter to stick giving a nice even layer of glitter.