4th of July

Although I had to miss my Aunt’s annual 3rd of July party, this was one of the best 4th of July’s I’ve had. I started my day off by painting my nails red white and blue! Then I went about painting some festive shorts
and making some scrumptious desserts for a BBQ with friends. After our BBQ we went down the beach to enjoy live music and one of the best firework shows I have ever seen. I am not kidding you these fireworks were fabulous. They had music playing during the show that related to America or fireworks (ie Katy Perry’s Firework), and we were so close to the fireworks that you could feel them bursting in your chest…it was phenomenal.

Now the pictures of my nails were horrible but lets just say they were cute. (I received a lot of complements to back this fact up.) Each nail was red white and blue striped. And my toes were alternating solid red and blue.

The Shorts on the other hand I not only remembered to take pictures of but the pictures are also blog-worthy…unlike my fingernails.

Stars and Stripes

The Back

Basically I love these shorts, and am sad I can’t wear them more often. Maybe I will wear them and watch the Olympics…USA!!! That seems appropriate.

Now making these shorts was extremely easy. All you need is shorts (or pants you can cut into shorts), red, white and blue fabric paints (I was lucky enough to already own all these from this cool project; and my blue was glittery…extra snazzy), star stencil/stamp/drawing abilities and a paint brush.

  1. Cut old capris into shorts
  2. Paint the stripes. I did all the red first and then switched and did all the white. I free-handed these and they came out pretty straight.
  3. Using your preferred method of star making (I cut a star out of cardboard and used it like a stamp, although I had to fill in parts of the stars afterward with a paint brush) to put as many stars as you desire on the other leg of the shorts.
  4. Let dry and move to the back.
  5. Stamp more stars onto one of the back pockets.
  6. Paint USA on the other pocket. (I did this free-hand but you can always use stamps or stencils like for the stars.)
  7. Fill in the rest of the pocket with stripes.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Heat set by ironing over the painted regions.
  10. Show off your craftiness and have people telling you how cool your shorts are and asking where you got them. 🙂

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