Pear Sauce

What do you do when you buy really good pears from Costco but only manage to eat half of them before they are too mushy to eat?

You make pear sauce!!!

What is pear sauce you ask? Well when I first heard “pear sauce” I thought of a sweet dessert sauce. Then I read the recipe and found it was actually just like the bowl of apple sauce I was coincidentally consuming while pondering how to use my overripe pears.

So I made some…and it was super easy! It also made my apartment smell quite nice.

I used this recipe as a guide.
My adjustments were:

    ~Mash with a potato masher and cut the boiling time to 7-10 minutes (however my pears were extra ripe so a longer time would probably be needed for less ripe pears)
    ~Omit the sugar-pears are plenty sweet enough on their own
    ~Add a bit of cinnamon (about 1-2 tsp for 5 large pears)

Now you’re probably wondering what to do with all this pear sauce. Well I have a few ideas:

    ~Add it into oatmeal as a natural sweetener
    ~Put a thin coat on an english muffin (I just bought some pumpkin spice english muffins, I think the sauce would be a nice spread for them.)
    ~Eat it cold in a bowl (with extra cinnamon)
    ~Warm it up and drizzle it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream

How would you eat your pear sauce?


Wonton Paper Madness!!!

This summer I finally got to try my hand at making different wonton type finger foods. Two of my old roomies came over and we made our entire meal using wonton wrappers and various fillings.

Appetizer Wontons

    Mozzarella Cheese
    Spinach and Cheese

Main Course

    Mix of spinach, carrots, onion and chicken: delicious dipped in soy sauce and siracha sauce.


    Chocolate Strawberry
    Chocolate Peanut Butter
    (topped with powdered sugar of course)

These were all absolutely delicious. Our favorite appetizer was the spinach and cheese wontons. The main course was perfect. The desserts were also wonderful, but we were unable to agree upon a favorite.

For the appetizers and the main course we fried them in a pan with just a bit of olive oil. However, for the desserts we dropped them in hot oil and deep fried them. As you can see in the pictures we wrapped some like wontons and some like ravioli. The wrapping shape is really a preference but it was sometimes easier to wrap like a ravioli when you added a little too much stuffing.

Speaking of stuffing when using cheese fill to the brim because the cheese will melt and then they end up seeming a bit empty. All in all I’d say it was an incredibly successful meal.

Ooey Gooey Deliciousness

Next time I think I will try a taco inspired main course with diced apples and cinnamon sugar for dessert.