Tile Table

My sister gave me her old patio furniture when I moved into my apartment that had a patio. And of course I decided the nice white table needed to be spiced up a bit. Having helped me mom (rather, watched my mom and sister) tile our kitchen floor when I was like 12 I had some idea what to do, and of course this wonderful post helped quite a bit too. This post gave very thorough directions, but here’s the alterations I made while making my table.

First part: Sand the table
I tried, but my arm and the measly piece of sandpaper were no match for this professionally painted and finished table. So I ended up taking a razor blade to it and calling it “sanded”.

Step 2: Determine how you want you tiles laid out and make any necessary marks.
I had a large mosaic type tile I was putting in the middle, so I marked where it would be so I could attach the outside tiles first.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive, I used a premixed adhesive.


Step 4: Place tiles, separating with tile spacers.
(I got creative and cut up straws as my spacers. I also applied my outside tiles first. Here is where I made a slight mistake. My table was smaller then the space I needed for the size tiles I had, so my tiles all hung over the edge about .5-1 inch. I just went with it, in retrospect I should have thought this through better. This would have been better executed had I bought a piece of wood the size I actually needed the table top to be, and attached it to the original.)

Step 5: Remove excess adhesive with a sponge or towel.

Step 6: Let it dry. I broke up the project over two weekends, so mine dried for several days.

Step 7: Grout it. For this you need a lot of grout, apply heavily.


Step 8: Clean up the grout. Then use a sponge to remove the excess and smooth it out. It works best with a clean damp sponge. I filled a bucket with water to rinse, as you don’t want the grout building up on the sponge. I found that I had to do this several times in some spots to get an even layer of grout. Make sure to remove grout completely from the tops of tiles. Let dry before using. (I let mine sit for a few days, but the grout you use should say how long it needs to dry)

Step 9: Enjoy your masterpiece!!!


A few words to the wise: Make sure your original surface is large enough (see step 4) for the tiles to completely rest on. Mine was not and my tiles hung off about an inch on all sides. I thought this would be fine. And in all reality it was…until it was time to move. In my move almost all of the white surrounding tiles broke off. It was a bit sad, but I enjoyed the table while I had it. I have now given the table to my best friend for her new apartment, even though it is missing all the white tiles. The bright side now she can enjoy whatever project she decides to try on this neat little table.


Valentine’s Day

I know this post is waaay last season but hey, there’s always next year right? This past Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I were doing long distance. I wanted to do something that was cute, fun and relatively easy to ship.

These customizable sweetheart cookies were just what I was looking for. I personally find regular sugar cookies to be boring and funfetti is my absolute favorite. Luckily I was able to find this recipe to make cake mix into shape cookie dough. I followed this wonderful royal icing guide, and employed the help of my bake savvy roomie.


The only downside to these cookies is they were a multi-step process and ended up taking me several hours to finish. However I did enjoy getting to think of classic, funny, and personal cookie sayings.





Once I finished making the cookies, I packaged them up all cute in this little paint can like container, added a ribbon and headed to the post office.


I also made this super cute card. All it took was:
Black Card-stock
Red Card-stock
Cuttlebug with Disney cartridges
and obviously loving words


The boyfriend loved the cookies and appreciated the card. So I’d have to say this was a pretty successful Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Pear Sauce

What do you do when you buy really good pears from Costco but only manage to eat half of them before they are too mushy to eat?

You make pear sauce!!!

What is pear sauce you ask? Well when I first heard “pear sauce” I thought of a sweet dessert sauce. Then I read the recipe and found it was actually just like the bowl of apple sauce I was coincidentally consuming while pondering how to use my overripe pears.

So I made some…and it was super easy! It also made my apartment smell quite nice.

I used this recipe as a guide.
My adjustments were:

    ~Mash with a potato masher and cut the boiling time to 7-10 minutes (however my pears were extra ripe so a longer time would probably be needed for less ripe pears)
    ~Omit the sugar-pears are plenty sweet enough on their own
    ~Add a bit of cinnamon (about 1-2 tsp for 5 large pears)

Now you’re probably wondering what to do with all this pear sauce. Well I have a few ideas:

    ~Add it into oatmeal as a natural sweetener
    ~Put a thin coat on an english muffin (I just bought some pumpkin spice english muffins, I think the sauce would be a nice spread for them.)
    ~Eat it cold in a bowl (with extra cinnamon)
    ~Warm it up and drizzle it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream

How would you eat your pear sauce?

Wonton Paper Madness!!!

This summer I finally got to try my hand at making different wonton type finger foods. Two of my old roomies came over and we made our entire meal using wonton wrappers and various fillings.

Appetizer Wontons

    Mozzarella Cheese
    Spinach and Cheese

Main Course

    Mix of spinach, carrots, onion and chicken: delicious dipped in soy sauce and siracha sauce.


    Chocolate Strawberry
    Chocolate Peanut Butter
    (topped with powdered sugar of course)

These were all absolutely delicious. Our favorite appetizer was the spinach and cheese wontons. The main course was perfect. The desserts were also wonderful, but we were unable to agree upon a favorite.

For the appetizers and the main course we fried them in a pan with just a bit of olive oil. However, for the desserts we dropped them in hot oil and deep fried them. As you can see in the pictures we wrapped some like wontons and some like ravioli. The wrapping shape is really a preference but it was sometimes easier to wrap like a ravioli when you added a little too much stuffing.

Speaking of stuffing when using cheese fill to the brim because the cheese will melt and then they end up seeming a bit empty. All in all I’d say it was an incredibly successful meal.

Ooey Gooey Deliciousness

Next time I think I will try a taco inspired main course with diced apples and cinnamon sugar for dessert.

Leprechauns and Rainbows

Well this is a long overdue post, but hey better late then never right?

My roommate is slightly obsessed with Ireland, so she decided she wanted an Ireland themed party. So we whipped out the Jameson, anything and everything green and some good ol’ Dropkick Murphy jams and had a killer celebration.

Being the shortest person amongst my group of friends I found it absolutely necessary to dress up as a leprechaun.

But the real purpose of this post…our Irish themed birthday desserts! There was both Irish car bomb cupcakes (how cool does that sound?) and of course the Leprechaun ensured that there were rainbow cupcakes!

First: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

All the Cupcakes

These were good in theory, but seeing as how most of us don’t like whiskey they weren’t that great in practice. However the few people that did like whiskey thoroughly enjoyed them. Now I didn’t make these and have no idea what recipe they used. But basically there is Guinness in the cake mike, Jameson in the ganache filling and Bailey’s in the frosting. The cake and the frosting were delicious, it was the ganache filling that I didn’t like. In fact the Bailey’s frosting was really really good!

Second: Rainbow Cakes
These I did make! I used a box of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix (because we all know this is the ultimate birthday cake mix).

1. Seperate cake mix into 6 small bowls.
2. Dye each bowl a different color of the rainbow
3. Transfer first color (purple) into a piping bag. Or, if you are cool like me a ziploc bag with the corner snipped off.
4. Pipe some of that color into each cupcake paper. (Start by adding a little and then going back and adding more if you have extra of the color. I found that there was not as much mix of each color as I had anticipated, and therefore some of my cupcakes seem to be missing a layer of the rainbow)
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all six colors.
6. Bake as directed.
7. Let cool and then Frost! (I frosted mine white and orange in order to complete our cupcake flag, but you could also make the cupcake 5 of the 6 rainbow colors and have the frosting be the final color.)
8. Share and Enjoy!

Beautiful and Delicious


What is a PB&J-adilla you might ask…well let me tell you. It is simply a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly in it and grilled like a quesadilla. Let me also tell you it is wonderfully fabulous and everyone should try one for lunch (or dinner or breakfast) one of these days.

This is one of my new favorite lunches, the oozy warm peanut butter and sweet jelly…I don’t know why I didn’t think of making one sooner. Today I also added banana…which was a wonderful decision.

Summer on the Horizon

Books on Books!

Well it’s finals week and so inevitably I am having crazy urges to do anything, anything but study. But low and behold I need to study. Luckily I got to return my books from my research paper this morning…and man was that a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders. Literally…look at this stack of books I accumulated over the quarter.

With summer right around the corner I can’t help but think of all the fun things I want to do. Although as much as I like to think of summer as being three months of free time and beach adventures…my summers are never actually like that. This summer I am taking an MCAT class, and working two jobs. Needless to say I won’t have hours and hours of free time.

However I do have a list of crafts which I hope to conquer this summer.

1. Glitter Heels

I have the glitter, I have the mod podge, now I just need to know where my favorite black heels are hiding. Any ideas?

2. Hula Hoop Chandelier

This is going to make my room next year look amazing!(super excited :O)

3. Ottoman

I have the odd desire to be handy with wood. This will be my first
go at it. I plan on making mine square rather then round; and it should at
least partially solve my shoe storage dilemma.

4. Finish up my bath towels.
This is a project I started last summer with my roommate. I definitely need to finish them so we have more than one towel decorating our bathroom.

5. Bowling Shoe Redo
I have recently acquired a pair of bowling shoes, and I can’t wait to
personalize them. I am thinking some glitter and neon paint is in my
future. 😉

7. Decorate my Own mugs

So this is a super easy project. One of my friends just made some personalized plates as a gift, they turned out wonderful and I am eager to make my own.

6. And maybe add some color to my hair!

There are also some sure to be yummy foods that I would like to make.

1. Girl Scout Samoas Copycat Cookies
2. My Dad’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce
3. Egg Rolls/Veggie Spring Rolls (and anything using rice paper or wonton wrappers)
4. Sangria
5. P.F. Chang’s Copycat Lettuce Wraps
6. Sirracha Salt
7. Chocolate Dipped Jalapenos (my bookmark for this seems to have gone missing, but I think I can wing it)

These are just a few of my ever growing “I should Try This Recipe” list, which is good because believe it or not, I eat everyday.

On a Roll

That would be the most delicious pancake ever.

This pancake was beyond fabulous, but really would you expect anything less from a pancake crossed with a cinnamon roll. Needless to say the pancakes were devoured quickly and left us with quite the sugar high. I didn’t really use a recipe. I just kinda went with it after seeing a picture of cinnamon roll looking pancakes on pinterest.

But here’s the jist of it:

Batter: just your standard “just add water” mix

Cinnamon Swirl: melted butter, brown sugar, and LOTS of cinnamon (mess with proportions until you get an easily pourable mixture)

Cream Cheese Drizzle: cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla (a little vanilla goes a long way, you probably don’t need the butter just the cream cheese, I made mine just thin enough to drizzle)

Next time I’m thinking this would be good served as dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! Mmmm…

Trying New Things

Today’s the day. I have really been wanting to try roasted chickpeas and today I did. My roommates were gone and I was feeling a bit daring so I decided to cook something new. I followed this recipe.

Now I love hummus, I love these chocolate chip blondies. I love this cinnamon roll pie, but I just don’t like plain chickpeas. So making these roasted chickpeas was toss up. Either they would be delicious like the previously mentioned goods, or they might just send chills down my back like that one time I put plain chickpeas on my salad.

End Result: They were crunchy. They had good flavor. I did not like them

Why didn’t I like them? I am a texture person, and the inside of these roasted chickpeas had a hint of that grainy texture of uncooked chickpeas. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a THOUSAND times better then plain chickpeas, but I just couldn’t do it.

Conclusion: These are flavorful, easy to make and I am sure they would be loved by any person who doesn’t mind the chickpea texture…but that person is just not me.

At least they looked pretty.

My second experiment of the night was more successful. I made spinach chips! These were absolutely delicious. Eveyone should go out and make them. Most of them were crispy, and those that weren’t were still tasty. I used this recipe, but made a few adjustments for convenience’s sake.

Here’s what I did:
1. Toss spinach leaves in olive oil
2. Spread spinach on wax paper lined cookie sheet
3. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper
4. Bake: I put mine into the oven while my oven was preheating for the chickpeas, so it was set at 400, but was not up to 400 yet. It took about 8 minutes for them to get crunchy.
5. Enjoy

These were truly delicious. As in I probably could have eaten 3 or 4 times as much as I made. So wonderful that I didn’t take any pictures because I couldn’t tear myself away from them. So wonderful that I’ll probably make some more tomorrow.