Painted Pumpkins

I have been a pumpkin carver my entire life. No, my pumpkins were never spectacular, but they were fun and my own.

I remember as a kid we would pick out our pumpkins (usually at Target, no big pumpkin patch or anything). But then my dad would lay out a big beach blanket on our living room floor and my sisters and I would set out to make the greatest pumpkins. Usually we enlisted dad to scoop out the bulk of the seeds, as we were never fans of the gooey stuff. And every year we each came up with a fun new face/design and displayed our works of art on the front porch until they molded away. 

Then came college, and my friends and I decided we still needed to carve pumpkins. We would all get together and head out to the pumpkin patch, run through the corn maze and search the lot for out ideal pumpkin. Some looked for the biggest, some the best stem, some the smoothest skin, whatever the characteristic we searched high and low (mostly low) until we found the best pumpkin. And of course like any college adventure we made sure to take a TON of pictures. I think Charlie Brown would be proud.
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Well this year I haven’t been to the pumpkin patch, and I haven’t carved any pumpkins (yet). But I did help my godmother with her daughter’s wedding decorations…which you guessed it, included pumpkins. What we did for these pumpkins was a bit different. First we spray painted them so we had different colored pumpkins. Then we grabbed the puffy painted and started dotting away to make lovely swirls and designs. Here’s my favorite: IMG_1546

To make these super simple, unique and pretty pumpkins all your really need is puff paint and pumpkins! Then just squeeze the paint into dots in what ever shape, design or words you want. I took 4 of the pumpkins after the wedding and today the boyfriend is coming over and we’re going to carve two of them. 🙂

The lot of them.

The lot of them.

My tall skinny one.

My tall skinny one.

A nice round pumpkin.

A nice round pumpkin.


Apples on Apples

What a shame…I was going through pictures and I realized I had totally neglected my wonderful apple pancakes.

I love apples (hence apple nachos, apples in cookie dough dip, and the apple I eat almost every day). I have now found an ideal way to incorporate apples into my favorite breakfast…pancakes. Sure you can dice apples and put them in pancakes, or you can have apple cinnamon oatmeal, or you can just have an apple for breakfast. But this right here takes apples for breakfast to a whole new level.

The Perfect Hybrid

If you haven’t already guessed this made a wonderful breakfast, and I savored every last bite of it. I topped mine with regular maple syrup but I am certain the apple cider syrup would also be tasty. I was so delighted by these that I began brainstorming other things you could toss in pancake batter and cook…breakfast is about to get interesting.

Helpful Hint: The thinner the apple slices the more the apples cook and the more they get that nice sweet apple pie taste.


As a child my Grandma’s neighbor had a very productive apricot tree, and we were always welcome to take as many aprictos as we wanted. I took full advantage of this and had many apricot filled summers. Sadly the neighbor had to cut down his tree and apricots no longer make up my summer diet.

However a few months ago I tried some dried apricots and was instantly hooked. These were soft, chewy and downright delicious. I had stuck to Sun-Maid Apricots and was completely satisfied with them. Well I have been out of these succulent dried apricots for a few weeks so I decided I would pick some up while at Trader Joe’s today…and boy am I glad I did. After the first bite I realized I had truly been missing out. The Trader Joe’s ones are significantly better then the Sun-Maid. So much better that I felt the need to write it down for the world to see.

Fun Fact: Try keeping these in the fridge for a slightly firmer cool snack.

Inferior Apricots

Superior Apricots

Apples, Anatomy and Academy Awards

What better way to watch the Academy Awards then with a plate of apple nachos and my physiology (not quite anatomy but close and I needed another A) book. Well in reality I could probably think of several better ways. Like watching them live, pretending to watch them live by getting all dressed up and going to a party…but hey you have to sacrifice sometimes. So since I have a midterm in the morning I decided to make the best of my study night.

Apple nachos have been all over pinterest for several weeks and I have really been wanting them. So today I broke down and made what turned out to be an absolute wonderful mix of nutty and sweet.

My Concoction:
Thinly Sliced Apples
Caramel Syrup
Warm Melty Peanut Butter
Crushed Walnuts
Chocolate Chips

Next time I’ll add some raisins as well.

Hello world!

I have spent the last few months scoping out different blog sites looking for fun crafts. After several hours of procrastination at it’s finest I had developed a LONG list of crafts that I wanted to make as christmas gifts. Well now it is winter break and I have tons of time to work on all my crafts. So I decided I should probably start my own blog so that I could track all the sure to be amazing, or at least unique crafts I plan on making this winter break.