Tile Table

My sister gave me her old patio furniture when I moved into my apartment that had a patio. And of course I decided the nice white table needed to be spiced up a bit. Having helped me mom (rather, watched my mom and sister) tile our kitchen floor when I was like 12 I had some idea what to do, and of course this wonderful post helped quite a bit too. This post gave very thorough directions, but here’s the alterations I made while making my table.

First part: Sand the table
I tried, but my arm and the measly piece of sandpaper were no match for this professionally painted and finished table. So I ended up taking a razor blade to it and calling it “sanded”.

Step 2: Determine how you want you tiles laid out and make any necessary marks.
I had a large mosaic type tile I was putting in the middle, so I marked where it would be so I could attach the outside tiles first.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive, I used a premixed adhesive.


Step 4: Place tiles, separating with tile spacers.
(I got creative and cut up straws as my spacers. I also applied my outside tiles first. Here is where I made a slight mistake. My table was smaller then the space I needed for the size tiles I had, so my tiles all hung over the edge about .5-1 inch. I just went with it, in retrospect I should have thought this through better. This would have been better executed had I bought a piece of wood the size I actually needed the table top to be, and attached it to the original.)

Step 5: Remove excess adhesive with a sponge or towel.

Step 6: Let it dry. I broke up the project over two weekends, so mine dried for several days.

Step 7: Grout it. For this you need a lot of grout, apply heavily.


Step 8: Clean up the grout. Then use a sponge to remove the excess and smooth it out. It works best with a clean damp sponge. I filled a bucket with water to rinse, as you don’t want the grout building up on the sponge. I found that I had to do this several times in some spots to get an even layer of grout. Make sure to remove grout completely from the tops of tiles. Let dry before using. (I let mine sit for a few days, but the grout you use should say how long it needs to dry)

Step 9: Enjoy your masterpiece!!!


A few words to the wise: Make sure your original surface is large enough (see step 4) for the tiles to completely rest on. Mine was not and my tiles hung off about an inch on all sides. I thought this would be fine. And in all reality it was…until it was time to move. In my move almost all of the white surrounding tiles broke off. It was a bit sad, but I enjoyed the table while I had it. I have now given the table to my best friend for her new apartment, even though it is missing all the white tiles. The bright side now she can enjoy whatever project she decides to try on this neat little table.


Valentine’s Day

I know this post is waaay last season but hey, there’s always next year right? This past Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I were doing long distance. I wanted to do something that was cute, fun and relatively easy to ship.

These customizable sweetheart cookies were just what I was looking for. I personally find regular sugar cookies to be boring and funfetti is my absolute favorite. Luckily I was able to find this recipe to make cake mix into shape cookie dough. I followed this wonderful royal icing guide, and employed the help of my bake savvy roomie.


The only downside to these cookies is they were a multi-step process and ended up taking me several hours to finish. However I did enjoy getting to think of classic, funny, and personal cookie sayings.





Once I finished making the cookies, I packaged them up all cute in this little paint can like container, added a ribbon and headed to the post office.


I also made this super cute card. All it took was:
Black Card-stock
Red Card-stock
Cuttlebug with Disney cartridges
and obviously loving words


The boyfriend loved the cookies and appreciated the card. So I’d have to say this was a pretty successful Valentine’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Truth of My Summer

I knew that my summer was going to be busy, but I for some reason thought I would be able to find an afternoon or two each week to work on some random craft…clearly that hasn’t been the case. I did however find time to do some shopping, hang out with family and friends and unpack most of my boxes, and well I guess those are a bit more important.

Last weekend however I was able to make these beautiful wine glasses for my friends 21st bday. I had originally planned to just make them all gold or silver because that is the color glitter I had. However I was lucky enough to be visiting my sister. She has every craft supply you could possibly imagine and therefore I had like 15 colors of glitter to choose from.



This was a super easy project and didn’t take long at all (as long as you don’t count drying time).
Helpful Hing: Use a thick layer of mod-podge. This allows for more glitter to stick giving a nice even layer of glitter.

Jumping on the Band Wagon

Whelp…I did it. I jumped on the Crayon Art Bandwagon. It seems everyone is trying some form of melted crayon art. I have done my fair share of crayon art blog reading trying to decide just how I wanted to do it.

Originally I was thinking something like this.

Then I thought maybe I could get creative using pressed leaves or flowers and melting the crayon around the flower…and I am still thinking I can make something like this work. But it was two days before mother’s day, I still needed to make Relay Hats and my math homework was not quite finished. My roommate and I decided to modify this technique and make some spotted crayon art for Mother’s day.

Our Classy Set Up

On my way to a masterpiece.

At first we thought the crayons were never going to melt, but they did, it just took some patience. I highly recommend an enclosed area like we had, the crayon splashes everywhere! (unless you want colorful carpets)

Helpful Hint: The melted crayon will get everywhere. The best way to get it off hard surfaced to to heat it with a blow dryer until it melts again then quickly wipe it off.

The Finished Product

Relay For Life

A few weekends ago our school held their Relay for Life event. Two of my roommates were part of the Relay committee, so I joined their team, S.W.A.T (students with a target), and wanted to help. So I made us team hats.

Initially I wanted to make T-shirts, but Kmart was out of black v-necks so we went with white hats.

Here’s what you need:

~Hats (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
~Letter Stencils
~Fabric Paint
~Medium Bristled Paintbrush
~(a steady hand wouldn’t hurt either)

Now I was satisfied with the outcome and we looked super cute with our hats, however there was definitely room for improvement.

Things I Learned While Stenciling:

1. Bristles>Sponges I started with a sponge brush…Bad call. This resulted in the paint soaking under the stencil and the letters smearing a bit. I quickly switched to a bristled brush and this was much better.

2. Hats are Round. Due to the shape of hats it was difficult to get a solid surface and therefore it was easy for the stencil to move and the paint to move where it shouldn’t be. I resulted using my knee inside the hat to get a semi-hard surface. This worked much better then trying to stencil the hat while my roommate wore it.

3. I am not the world’s greatest stencil-er. The paint kept getting under the stencil. My hands were covered in paint. But all in all the hats were a success and no one cared that they weren’t perfect.

Rockin’ Our Hats

Needless to say the hats were cute. Relay was fun (and exhausting). I can’t wait for Relay next year. My roommates have already picked our team theme, and I have been brainstorming up lots of cool things to make next year’s campsite rock. ๐Ÿ™‚

Quack Quack

Today I finally got to make my nieces’ christmas presents. I while ago I ran across this tutorial and thought these towels would be the perfect addition to their duck themed bathroom. I also added their initials so there wouldn’t be any fighting over who’s is who’s.

Rub a dub dub a duck in the tub

Crafting the Night Away

Saturday I decided to try making these tea towels, and I am quite pleased with how they have turned out. I think they will make a great gift for really anyone with a kitchen.

I also got creative with scrabble tiles after seeing these coasters. However I decided that any true scrabble player would much appreciate if the words were placed as if you were really playing a scrabble game. So here’s what I made for my scrabble fanatic sister, and I thought I might as well spiff up a picture frame while I was at it.

At this point I was on such a roll (that and I had way to much time on my hands since my work had to close due to a water main break) I also decided to put some googly eyes all over a plane wood frame. I figured it was just the thing my little cousin would get a good laugh out of.

Googly Eyes

That was all I managed to do today since I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to make links like I wanted here. But I have mastered it now and think I will tackle my next big craft tomorrow…hooded bath towels. ๐Ÿ™‚
A little something like this.