Leprechauns and Rainbows

Well this is a long overdue post, but hey better late then never right?

My roommate is slightly obsessed with Ireland, so she decided she wanted an Ireland themed party. So we whipped out the Jameson, anything and everything green and some good ol’ Dropkick Murphy jams and had a killer celebration.

Being the shortest person amongst my group of friends I found it absolutely necessary to dress up as a leprechaun.

But the real purpose of this post…our Irish themed birthday desserts! There was both Irish car bomb cupcakes (how cool does that sound?) and of course the Leprechaun ensured that there were rainbow cupcakes!

First: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

All the Cupcakes

These were good in theory, but seeing as how most of us don’t like whiskey they weren’t that great in practice. However the few people that did like whiskey thoroughly enjoyed them. Now I didn’t make these and have no idea what recipe they used. But basically there is Guinness in the cake mike, Jameson in the ganache filling and Bailey’s in the frosting. The cake and the frosting were delicious, it was the ganache filling that I didn’t like. In fact the Bailey’s frosting was really really good!

Second: Rainbow Cakes
These I did make! I used a box of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix (because we all know this is the ultimate birthday cake mix).

1. Seperate cake mix into 6 small bowls.
2. Dye each bowl a different color of the rainbow
3. Transfer first color (purple) into a piping bag. Or, if you are cool like me a ziploc bag with the corner snipped off.
4. Pipe some of that color into each cupcake paper. (Start by adding a little and then going back and adding more if you have extra of the color. I found that there was not as much mix of each color as I had anticipated, and therefore some of my cupcakes seem to be missing a layer of the rainbow)
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all six colors.
6. Bake as directed.
7. Let cool and then Frost! (I frosted mine white and orange in order to complete our cupcake flag, but you could also make the cupcake 5 of the 6 rainbow colors and have the frosting be the final color.)
8. Share and Enjoy!

Beautiful and Delicious


Red Velvet Birthday Celebration

After having a hankering to bake for the last two weeks or so I finally got the opportunity…my best friend’s birthday celebration. I wanted to make something fun and exciting. I knew she was quite the fan of red velvet (mainly due to her unconditional love for cream cheese frosting) and I have always been a bit curious what exactly is Red Velvet? This question has puzzled me for several years now and finally I got the genius idea to use the powers of modern day technology to find the answer. After discovering the secret to red velvet I set out to make some rather large cupcakes.

After reading several recipes I settled on this one. The recipe turned out fabulous…just a little redder then I had imagine…but hey red is a wonderful color. I did not feel like going out and buying buttermilk and had previously heard about making your own buttermilk, this worked wonderfully.

I decided while I was at it I should go ahead and make rich cream cheese frosting as well. This frosting was much cream cheesier then I care for but for the cream cheese lovers this is ideal, and the extra was perfect for dipping strawberries. I put my cake decorating bottles to work and frosted the cupcakes with swirls and dollops to make them fancier. These were definitely a hit. Everyone loved them, especially the birthday girl.

Cupcake Bliss